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Celebrating Black History Month

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Acknowledging the fact that Jazz originated in the African American community of this country and is performed & revered worldwide, it is especially fitting to present this music during Black History Month whenever & wherever the opportunity arises.

I am offering original music to pay tribute to some of the influential leaders in the Black community, including Jazz musicians who helped create an internationally cherished and respected art form. These great men and women deserve to be recognized!

A Black History Month Celebration

- LINKS BELOW - (lyrics & band members included)

"Mandela" paying tribute to Nelson Mandela

"His Message" paying tribute to MLK Jr.

"Maya" paying tribute to Maya Angelou

"Remember Ibo(Igbo)Landing" commemorating the African Rebellion in 1803 on St Simons Island, Georgia(USA) where Africans walked into the waters to die rather than submit to being enslaved!

"Good Locke" paying tribute to Alain Locke who was the first African American Rhodes Scholar, "Dean" of the Harlem Renaissance and an early member of the Baha'i Faith in America! (instrumental)

"Africana Blue" for the "Motherland" Africa, the birthplace of humankind!

"Remembering Dizzy," paying tribute to Dizzy Gillespie.

"That's Miles," paying tribute to Miles Davis.

"Tony Song," paying tribute to Tony Williams.

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